It was my distinct pleasure for Wedding Classic Rolls-Royce to serve you.

That being said I was hoping I could bother you for one final favor, and it can be anonymous or under a made-up name.

As you may know Social Media and Online Reviews are the life blood of my business and having customers like yourself letting others know about your experience would mean the world to me. Google reviews are the most important, so I’ll just list that for now. If you have a gmail email address, it’s simple. If not, the instructions are provided by Google.

If you would not mind clicking on the button below which will take you to

1. Enter as a search: “wedding classic rolls-royce ri”. On the right you should see our Google My Business information.

2. Click the Write A Review button.

3. If you have a Google or gmail address you log in. If not, it’s easy to create one and you will have a useful secondary email to use on occasion instead of your main email address.

4. Enter the number of stars and comment in two or three sentences. Thanks, Ron Rotondo